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Susan Robertson

How To Get New Ideas By Getting Fired

Posted by Susan Robertson

One of my favorite excursions to do with Creative Consumer® associates is called: Get Fired Ideas. It's one of those excursions that not only generates ideas in totally new areas, but it also adds to the energy and momentum in the room.

The idea behind the excursion is to really stretch your thinking—in this case, stretch it so far that the idea might just get you fired if you actually executed it. These "get fired" ideas must solve the problem or Target Area you're working on, but it can be illegal, immoral, impossible, ridiculous, or even ridiculously expensive.

I practiced this excursion at the Meeting Planners conference back in August 2012. Check out the video:

You can do the same right at your desk—although it works best when there are 2 or more people with you. 

  1. Start by writing down one Get Fired idea.
  2. Exchange your idea with someone else.
  3. Use the Get Fired idea to spark Get Hired ideas by:
    • Doing the opposite of what is written down.
    • Keep the idea relatively the same but do less (or more) of it.
    • Find an interesting word or phrase in the idea and constructively build on it.
    • Generate ideas based on what the Get Fired idea made you think of.
    • Do a Forness® response on the idea and use either side to spark new ideas.

If one of the best ways to get new ideas is to get out of your comfort zone, than generating ideas that could get you fired should net you some really breakthrough opportunities!

Susan Robertson is VP of Business Development and Innovation Process Consultant at Ideas To Go, an innovation agency that works with Fortune 500 companies in ideation and concept development to incorporate the voice of the consumer.

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