Common Questions About Consumer Insights, Answered

When it comes to the innovation scene, "insights" are everywhere. But despite their ubiquity, many still find it a challenge to identify what good, leverageable insights actually are—or how they can be tangibly utilized to drive marketing opportunities. And although “insights” are hardly a new concept, the ways they’re utilized by top companies and marketing professionals continues to evolve every day.

At Ideas To Go, our experience facilitating thousands of consumer-centered sessions has proven that industries across the board are constantly faced with the challenge of finding fresher, richer and deeper insights. By understanding what it means to be insightful, businesses can generate insights in a more valuable way. That’s why we’ve assembled these 6 Insights on Consumer Insights—a compendium of articles providing a collective look at some of the most commonly-asked questions about insights.

.The Insight Imperative

What is an insight? Despite the importance of insights in what marketers and innovators do, most people can't agree on what a good—or leverageable—insight is. Facilitator John Pfeil and VP of Innovation & Marketing Adam Hansen tackle how to get to insights that really have motivating power. 

.How to Write a Good Consumer Insight

Consumer insights. For product developers and marketers, they are worth their metaphorical weight in gold. But how do you create ones that are compelling, truthful and empathetic? Writer and Business Development Coordinator Jill Reiswig explains the art and science of how to write a good insight. 

.How To Leverage a Consumer Insight

Once you have a good insight, what do you do with it? Writer and Business Development Coordinator Jill Reiswig offers a few key insights on leveraging insights.

.Consumer Insights: Boomer Edition

Need consumer insights? In this brief video, some of our Boomer Creative Consumers® associates share their experience, and provide a glimpse of what our CCs are capable of bringing to your process.

.An Academic Look at Insights

How do you connect the dots between consumer behavior, motivations and insights? Ideas To Go Chairman Ed Harrington interviewed Ravi Dhar, the George Rogers Clark Professor of Management and Marketing and Director of the Center for Customer Insights at the Yale School of Management to get the academic perspective on this high-value business need.

.The Big Deal About Big Data—An Insightful Interview with a Big Data Pioneer

How does Big Data uncover Big Insights? Ideas To Go Chairman Ed Harrington interviewed K. Sudhir, the James L. Frank Professor of Marketing, Private Enterprise and Management—and the Director of the Yale China Insights Program at Yale School of Management—to explain the growing role of Big Data in marketing, and its exciting prospects for the future of insight generation.

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