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Creativity KillersFocus Groups: Creativity Killers

Does it seem like focus groups are really just eight consumer interviews that happen to take place in the same room? Facilitator Greg Cobb examines why focus groups tend to kill creativity, and shares ways to keep the creativity alive. 

DinosaurBringing Consumer Feedback Out of the Dinosaur Age

Focus groups starting to feel a little tired? Facility Manager Cris Swenson shares how to breathe life into the traditional consumer feedback model.

Adventure gameAdventures in Consumer Feedback

When it comes to consumer feedback, it can be difficult to get beyond the quick read, snap judgments. Word Processing Specialist Jordan Peacock explains the value in working with consumers who can offer real solutions and ideas for improvement.

Fish jumpingConsumer Panels: From Buzzword to Buzzworthy

The idea of talking to consumers isn't new, but not every group of consumers can co-create ideas in addition to offering reactions. Facilitator Cynthia Ryan explains that trained consumers—and the valuable insights they offer—are worth buzzing about. 

Pros and Cons of Consumer PanelsThe Pros and Cons of Consumer Panels

Why are consumer panels so hot these days? Marketers appreciate the value of Voice of the Customer-based innovation—and there's a consumer panel of every type and size to fill that need. Ideas To Go's iCoN® Panel Director Christine Haskins examines the pros and cons of the most common types of consumer panels, and discusses the benefits of utilizing creativity-trained consumers.

RainbowInspiration & Stim Panels: Stretch Your Thinking and Inspire Momentum From the Start

What is a stim panel? It's not a focus group. Greg Cobb explains the real purpose of a stim panel: to expose your team to outside perspectives and thinking that they couldn't reach alone.

Caring for your consumer panelCaring for your Consumer Panel

How can you get the most out of your Consumer Panel? Facility Manager Eden McEwan provides a few pro tips on how a little TLC can keep consumers engaged, energized and idea-producing throughout the day.

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Katie Franke

Katie Franke is a Marketing Communications Specialist and Concept Writer at Ideas To Go, an innovation agency that works with Fortune 500 companies in ideation and concept development to incorporate the voice of the consumer.