How and Why Claims Benefit Your Product Stategy 

“So just what IS Claimstorming® services?” That’s a question we hear when we talk about how to get more insightful, compelling and ownable claims.  Here’s a little more info on this aspect of our process.

First of all, what is a claim?

Same great taste, with half the fat.
Lowest airfare guaranteed.
Now with improved usability over version 2.0.

A claim is any short, true (or potentially true) statement about a product that separates it from the pack. Some claims are softer and more language-driven, while others utilize stronger, more high-impact statements. Claims can even be demonstrations or visuals—like before and after pictures—that create a discernible stake in consumer understanding.

WHY should I use Claimstorming® services?

Claimstorming® services provides compelling, consumer-driven thinking on new products, technologies and positioning when there is a need:

  • For claims.
  • For strong benefits.
  • For a reason to belong in a specific category.
  • To put a stake in the ground.

WHEN should I use Claimstorming® services?

Claimstorming® services can be applied at any stage of your development process. In earlier stages it can be very effective to discover Points of Difference for a new technology or product idea — even before the product exists. Later in the process it can be useful as a way to position, or even reposition, existing products.

What are my options after using Claimstorming® services?

  • Test 20-50 different claims statements with consumers in a facilitated Claims Sort process, to see which resonate best.
  • Transition into a facilitated Positioning project to test claims in a concept exhibit format.
  • Transition into a facilitated Product Optimization project using the claims statements as a starting point.
  • Leave with a variety of hard and soft claims for further internal research, refinement or substantiation.

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Katie Franke

Katie Franke is a Marketing Communications Specialist and Concept Writer at Ideas To Go, an innovation agency that works with Fortune 500 companies in ideation and concept development to incorporate the voice of the consumer.