Before joining Ideas To Go as a full-time facilitator, Susan Wandell helped identify, recruit and train Creative Consumers® kids (CC kids). We sat down with her to talk about the benefits of using CC kids, why you should talk (and listen) to kids, and what types of projects she and other ITG facilitators see kids excel in.

Learn about the benefits of working with CC kids in the video below, 👇 or click on one of the links to hear a specific Q&A. (Find the full interview at the end of the post.)


What Makes The Creative Consumers® Kids Experience Valuable? (Video 1:49)

Why Talk To Creative Consumers® Kids At Ideas To Go? (Video 1:50)

How Are Creative Consumers® Kids Helpful During Ideation? (Video 1:44)

What Kinds Of Projects Do Creative Consumers® Kids Participate In? (Video 2:01)

Our Experience Using Creative Consumers® Kids (Video 1:48)

Benefits Of Using Creative Consumers® Kids In Ideation (Video 1:36)

Why Kids Should Learn Creative Problem Solving (Video 3:29)

Creative Consumers® Kids Homework (Video 3:08)


Creative Consumers® Kids - An Interview With Susan Wandell (Video 8:56)



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