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You never know what will inspire your next great idea. We’ve written before about the many tools and techniques we employ to spark creative thinking and help clients come up with transformative, business-building ideas. But for Jimmy Fallon, the next great idea was right in front of his eyes….literally.

The Tonight Show host collaborated with trendy eyewear brand Warby Parker to bring that idea to life. The result? “The world’s first pair of spinning sunglasses,” called Spinnies.

Springing from Fallon’s tendency to twirl his sunglasses, Spinnies feature a ball bearing in one temple arm that allows them to, yes, spin a full 360 degrees with just a flick of the wrist.

spinnies in motion sequence

Even Warby Parker’s co-founders admit, they initially thought the idea was dumb. But once they started looking around, they noticed that others have the same glasses-twirling habit, and that Fallon might be on to something. It’s a product that perfectly fits both Fallon’s goofball image and Warby Parker’s sense of fun. After all, what other eyewear brand has sold a monocle?

While the idea for Spinnies seems to have occurred as easily as a lightbulb turning on, it’s not always that easy. Generating ideas for products and services usually takes much more work. To help that process along, we’ve developed creative thinking Excursions that help our brains do the work it takes to get fresh ideas flowing. These creativity exercises are designed to take your mind off the beaten path of the challenge you're facing. The idea is that by thinking about something else for a while, you can take a small mental break, then come back to the challenge with a fresh mindset and use the stimulus from the excursion to address the challenge. 

One Excursion we used recently is the Switch Witch.

Switch Witch

The Switch Witch’s magic ability is she can switch your loyalty from one brand to another—with a wave of her thoroughly modern cell phone.

Think about the product, service, or category in your life that you’re extremely loyal to. Now imagine the Switch Witch changing that loyalty to a rival brand. What are you FOR about the change—what’s good about it? Make a list of all the positives you can think of. Now, with that list in mind, what do you WISH for about your original brand that would make it impervious to the Switch Witch’s powers? What would you change about what you’re currently using?

You can apply these questions and answers to any challenge you’re currently working on. Give it a spin, and let us know what ideas you come up with!

Interested in learning more on Excursion Theory? Check out the video below:

Excursion Theory video

Photos from warby.parker.com/spinnies
Switch Witch illustration drawn by Jordan Peacock, Ideas To Go word processor

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