When to Partner with an Innovation Agency

Once upon a time, "innovation" was reserved only for new product development. It was a buzz word marketers applied to everything from product extensions to different packaging forms.

Now the meaning has expanded to include corporate cultures, management systems, and even better ways to approach traditional focus group research. This means there really are no limits to how innovation can be applied.

A bit overwhelming, right? That's where innovation consultancies and innovation agencies come in.

So, how do you know if you need an innovation partner? Use the checklist below to help.

  • You’re overly busy and getting pulled in so many directions it’s hard to fit innovation and innovative thinking in.
  • You aren’t feeling as successful in the marketplace as you used to—and you'd like to regain your edge.
  • You need fresh ideas.
  • You are getting pressure to come up with the Next Big Idea while also maintaining all your other day-to-day work.
  • You have projects to lead and no one to help you move them forward quickly.
  • You’ve used focus groups to get inside the mind of your consumer—and it didn’t amount to anything except costs.
  • You’ve spent not-so-quality time sifting through focus group data.
  • You work in a culture that tends to be more risk-averse.

At any given time, many of us are one, some, or all of these things. And a little help from an innovation agency can go a long way. If you don't want to add more to your to-do list, check out our e-book on How To Hire an Innovation Firm. 

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Liza Babcock

Liza Babcock is a Creative and Marketing Writer at Ideas To Go, an innovation agency that works with Fortune 500 companies in ideation and concept development to incorporate the voice of the consumer.