The Chaos and Structure of Creativity

Our mission is to take clients from creative chaos to strategic momentum. Here's how Creative Consumers® associate Rebecca Kasper helps dimensionalize what this means to her:

"I have so many ideas. Inventions, businesses, clever punny names for nail polishes and lipsticks, and so much more. Ideas are bouncing around in my head all day long. This storm of seedlings is too much to cultivate in any productive way, and so what happens? Not much! This is Creative Chaos.

When our day at Ideas To Go begins, we are brought into that state of Creative Chaos. We are encouraged to let the ideas fly free. We build on each other's, we reach in all different directions, and wacky fun inspiration ensues! But as the day progresses, the innovation process becomes more focused. New stimulus is given to make sure the needs of the client are being met and that all their coffers are filled with new inspiration. Our creative chaos becomes a strategic momentum, but the innovation (and fun!) never stops." 

What does going from creative chaos to strategic momentum mean to you?

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