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Now What Do You Want to Call That? 11 Tips for Naming Products

How do you find a good name for your new product or service? Facilitator Shari Morwood shares some techniques to get the ideas flowing

Innovation Process Suicide: 4 Ways to Kill Your Innovation Process

When it comes to the innovation process, there are plenty of ways to get off track.  Ideas To Go Content Marketing Manager Jill Reiswig shares a few of the common ways the process can be set back or derailed completely—as well as ways to plan for success.

10 Ways to Stamp Out Creativity in Business

Creativity is resilient and difficult to eliminate once it takes hold. Facilitator Cynthia Ryan shares steps to help you save yourself and your coworkers from a terrible creative fate, and avoid this condition at all costs. 

10 Ways to Make Your Environment More Creative

Becky McCrone, Project Manager and Word Processing Specialist Extraordinaire, has experienced plenty of ideation sessions, and along the way has learned a few tips for making the ideation environment and innovation process pleasant and productive.

3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Consumers

How do you make sure your time with consumers is time well spent? Innovation Process Facilitator Susan Wandell shares a few tips. 

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