ITG President and Facilitator Beth Storz, co-author of Outsmart Your Instincts: How The Behavioral Innovation™ Approach Drives Your Company Forward, was interviewed for a recent article in Investor's Business Daily. Her featured tips include:

Reframe Thinking:

" 'Yes, but' is a polite, or sometimes not so polite way of shooting down ideas," [Storz] explained. Instead, try saying "yes, and."

"We have a different approach that acknowledges the 'yes' while dealing with the 'but' in a problem-solving way," Storz said. "Using this mindset helps keep the good alive in any idea while pushing for solutions. It also makes it safe for others to share ideas."

Examine Your Beliefs:

Storz recommends an exercise that she terms "assumption busting."

Write down all of your assumptions around a topic, your product, business model, etc.

Next, ask what if those weren't true. "Take some notes and see where it leads you," she said. "By doing this several times and with other people and their assumptions, it will lead to lots and lots of possibilities."


Look for ways to break the status quo, Storz says, and she points to Ideas To Go's DREAM acronym, which stands for delete, reduce, enhance, add and maintain.

Storz says to look at your product, service or user experience and ask yourself, "What if we delete this, reduce that, enhance here, add and maintain?" "Don't be shy about it," she said. "It's OK to put down some ridiculous things on the list. It will stimulate your thinking."

Read the complete article on the website, or look for it in the latest issue of Investor's Business Daily on newstands.

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