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Many years ago I worked in a creative agency where a poster with the advice, Practice Safe Design: Use a Concept hung by every desk. Still good advice, but the challenge, of course, has always been how to get those good concepts in the first place. Ideas To Go is a valuable partner to agencies seeking to build their creative work on compelling, single-minded concepts that drive their client’s business. 

Here’s what Maggie Paulus, Strategy Director at international design agency LPK says about our work:

We chose to work with Ideas To Go on our innovation initiatives because the Creative Consumers® are great provocateurs. They bring a level of enthusiasm and engagement you don't often find with more traditional consumers. Their perspective on the category and the brands were insightful and helped push our team's thinking in totally new and often unexpected directions.”

Every concept development session starts with ideation with Creative Consumers® associates. These articulate, imaginative and creativity-trained ITG employees offer meaningful insights that highlight potential opportunities and specific possibilities that stretch the thinking of the team.

A VP/Research Director from yet another agency client told me recently,We chose ITG for a health care project because we needed good ideation AND we needed someone we could trust.  Our reputation was on the line, since the client asked us how to get the ideation done. And their resources were on the line as well. They needed to choose wisely so they would have solid business-building ideas at the end of the project.”  

After some blush-inducing compliments about our excellent reputation and strong recommendations offered by other ITG clients, he explained that his agency’s best practices model includes working with ‘best in class’ partners, adding,

After looking at other options, there was no question ITG made the most sense. Some of the other options we looked at were a little like “magic” and I felt we would have to take it on faith that the “magic” would work. In contrast, your approach made good common sense. Of course, the key to your success is your Creative Consumers®, but the surprise to new users is the way you harness the power of our core team and put them to work.”  

Our professional facilitators lead the process so your team of colleagues and clients can focus on developing clean, sharp concepts that are strategically relevant. And, our 360 degree engagement includes key client stakeholders for buy-in as the ideas are developed. 

So when you need to Practice Safe Design, Use a Concept from ITG, and help your team create the great work your clients expect.

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Emeritus Facilitator Cynthia Ryan

Cynthia Ryan is an Emeritus Innovation Process Facilitator at Ideas To Go, an innovation agency that works with Fortune 500 companies in ideation and concept development to incorporate the voice of the consumer.