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What happens when your product pipeline is empty? First, breathe and try not to panic. Then, fill it with delicious concepts and ideas that make the next 5 years of your research and development energized and exciting. Here's an inside look at how Ideas To Go worked with Johnsonville to help them stuff their pipeline with meaty ideas. Warning: the sausage puns only get better in the video presentation! 😆

Quirks Event LogoIn July 2020—when many of us stayed close to (or completely sheltered at) home—Ideas To Go, Johnsonville, and C + R Research put together a fun, collaborative presentation for the virtual Quirk's Event highlighting the work they did to update Johnsonville's consumer knowledge and fill the new product pipeline. During a video presentation titled, "Zero to Sixty (Concepts) in the Blink of an Eye: How the Sausage is Made," Creative Process Designer and Facilitator Monica Grant, Johnsonville Senior Consumer Insights Manager Karen Kraft, and C+R Research Senior Vice President Katherine Figatner shared their successes in: cross-functional collaboration, leveraging cooperation across vendor partners, and creating internal stake-holder buy-in.


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Beth Facilitating Johnsonville TeamSome Background: Johnsonville partnered with two different companies: C+R Research to perform ethnographic field work, and Ideas To Go to carry out the idea generation and concept development. The three companies worked as a team—along with Johnsonville's ad agency—to collaborate across the project.

Once the opportunity spaces were identified, Ideas To Go's Creative Consumers® associates came in to co-create ideas with the Johnsonville team, across multiple meal occasions. Each ideation session yielded hundreds of ideas. Once ideation was complete, Ideas To Go led the Johnsonville team in converging on their top ideas and writing them into concept outlines. In all, the Johnsonville team was able to fill a 5-year knowledge gap in less than a year.

🌭 Results:
  • 3000 new sausage ideas

  • 84 early stage concepts

  • 41 consumer-validated concepts that entered the pipeline

  • 25 active stage-gate projects, and counting

Creative Consumers associates Ideating Johnsonville"Combining the power of the Creative Consumers® associates, our learnings about the occasions, and the knowledge of our cross-functional team, has lead us to innovate in ways we couldn't have even imagined. On every project, the Ideas To Go team has really gotten to know our business to help us maximize both our consumer learning and our team's productivity—in a fun and intuitive way."

Karen Kraft—Senior Consumer Insights Manager

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