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Adapt Marketing To Be Successful

After attending the Yale Center for Consumer Insights Conference, Ed Harrington shared his thoughts on the powerful Reason To Believe video produced by L'Oreal, and Beth Storz shared her thoughts on Global Branding and how technology lets marketers both understand and better engage with consumers

Yale School of Management student Neha shares her thoughts on the conference presentations and the state of marketing today: 

"Imagine doing your grocery shopping virtually while waiting for the metro home. Imagine shopping for your favorite beauty products whilst in a taxi on your way to a runway show or drinks with friends during New York Fashion Week. These are no longer fantasies.

Marketing has fundamentally changed over the last five years and marketers need to adapt if they are going to be successful. This was an overarching theme during the Yale Center for Customer Insights Conference on January 25, 2013.

But, you ask, how exactly has marketing changed?"

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