Outsmart Your Instincts Podcast Episode 03: The Curse of Knowledge

Innovation Process Facilitator Greg Cobb joins host Adam Hansen on the Outsmart Your Instincts Podcast as they discuss the Curse of Knowledge. This Bias is so ingrained in the human mind that we even have to double check for it while recording the podcast! The Curse of Knowledge is just 1 of the 8 Cognitive Biases we have identified in the Behavioral Innovation™ approach to innovation.

Curse of Knowledge definition: we assume people know more about a topic than they actually do. We are especially susceptible to the Curse once we gain expert level knowledge of a subject. It makes it difficult to take someone else’s perspective and to think like a novice.

And here is the New York Times article we reference: There's a Reason They Call Them 'Crazy Ants'

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