Outsmart Your Instincts Podcast Status Quo Bias

Ideas To Go Principal and Innovation Process Facilitator Christine Haskins joins colleague Adam Hansen on the Outsmart Your Instincts Podcast. Listen in as they discuss the Status Quo Bias and how it gets in the way of innovative thinking. This Bias shows up in many places during innovation, but the most apparent area is when companies set parameters for their innovation projects. Often there are too many parameters that limit the scope of innovation, and ultimately the realm of possibilities. Tune in to hear how to best overcome the Status Quo Bias and generate better ideas with the Behavioral Innovation™ approach.

Status Quo Bias definition: this Bias makes us default to keeping things the same. When new opportunities arise, we would rather stay with what we have than switch to something new. In other words, we think, “the old ideas have always worked, so why change them?”

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