(Editor's Note: This is the first part of a three-part series where we asked Creative Consumers® associates how they are staying creative at home, and how others can stay creative while working from home.)

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Work in spurts of focus. Give yourself lots of breaks. Have healthy drinks on hand. Surround yourself with beauty—music, visuals, good light.

SUNNY, Creative Consumers® associate

As an innovation company, we're doing our best to maintain our spark during these sometimes creativity-challenged days at home. Looking for a bit of inspiration, we wondered—how are our Creative Consumers® associates (the most dynamic thinkers we know!) staying creative within the confines of their homes? We used the Inspire® Consumer Insight Accelerator (which fields consumer responses to questions, along with images to supplement each response) to collect their thoughts.

Based on their responses, we identified three key themes for staying creative from home:

  1. Get Creative With Your Family
  2. Get Outside
  3. Get Comfortable

Once we found the themes, we asked a few Creative Consumers® associates to elaborate on their answers further, and provide some specific details about how they stay creative at home...because we can all use some tips from the experts!

In Part 1 we'll focus on the first theme: Getting Creative With Your Family. Let's take a look at a few of their insights. 

Theme #1: Get Creative With Your Family  

Get creative at home with your family examples

Try something new, whether it be a game with your family or a new dinner recipe. Change gives you something to look forward to!

— ASHLEY, Creative Consumers® associate

If your family is also in the home with you, try getting creative with everyone. Ranging from paintings and sculptures, to music and Legos, doing creative tasks as a group is different than doing it solo. You're forced to approach the task differently, making your mind think in unique ways. Plus, research has shown that kids think more creatively than adults, so borrowing some of their imagination might pay off. Next time you need a break, try getting your family involved and see what you can create. 

Words from a Creative Consumers® associate: Lonni  

Creative Consumer associate Lonni

Being at home together as a family of 5, for so many hours on end, can feel mentally taxing. Add to the fact my husband is working from home, while I'm homeschooling 2-of-our-3 kids AND keeping our youngest from being too distracting, and things can get frustrating...really fast. I'm finding that creativity is key to surviving so much time together during this pandemic. Creativity mixed into our "same old, same old" can make it feel new—and even exciting. 

That is why we've turned to finding different ways to approach our everyday tasks. Here are some examples:

  • When my children need to learn about a subject for school, instead of just reading about it, we'll watch an educational video so the entire family can learn and discuss. 
  • Math assignments are now a family affair, where we get out the white board and colorful markers to discuss various methods used for the kid's math problems. 
  • If our child has an assignment to learn about an important historical figure, we have them jump onto Google Slides to create an infographic about them. They learn some important future tech skills, as well as the subject at hand.
  • My youngest, a preschooler, loves to paint and draw—but it can get so messy! I give her watercolors and markers, and stick her in the bathtub to make as much of a mess as she'd like...then I wash it down the drain!
  • We send the kids on outdoor quests to find certain "treasures" and report back on their findings.
  • When all else fails, and everyone is sick of each other, blast the music and insist on a dance party!

If your family is feeling like they're in a bit of a rut during the stay-at-home order, try to think outside of the box! What is a somewhat dull activity you do everyday that could be infused by creativity to make it feel new again? Whether it's the approach, the tools you use, or the location of the activity—you can make an old, familiar activity feel new and exciting again.

Words from a Creative Consumers® associate: Ashley  

Creative Consumer associate Ashley

Family time is really important to me, but sometimes life gets in the way—and doesn’t allow us to spend as much time together as we would like. Though we are living through a strange time right now, my family and I have been trying to make the best of our free hours.

My sister and I have been challenging ourselves to work out at least 5 days a week! We have a 12-week workout plan we've been following religiously for 4 weeks now, and I’ve also convinced her to start doing yoga with me. Before this chaos began, I would try my best to get to yoga class at least 3 days a week before or after work. Yoga classes were my me-time, to focus on myself and not think about anything else. Fortunately, my yoga studio now provides online classes that I am able to do whenever it’s convenient. There are also so many free yoga classes you can find on YouTube.

Additionally, my family and I have been using this down time to redo parts of our house that we're usually too busy to work on. We’ve been working room-by-room to repaint, reorganize and redecorate. Interior design is one of my favorite hobbies because it allows me to bring my creativity to reality. I often come up with ideas that my family is not on board with, but when they see the final product they always love it. It’s safe to say, after numerous projects, they trust me now. If you’re thinking about taking on a home project, maybe start with a small space that doesn’t need too much work, and work your way up. Again, YouTube has so many DIY projects that will can help guide you along the way!

These are just a few ways that Creative Consumers® associates are staying creative with their families. Remember, there are always ways to be more creative, no matter your physical environment. Find what is conducive to your innovative edge and lean into it—then switch it up! Novel stimulus can inspire in surprising ways. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 to hear from two more Creative Consumers® associates!

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