Developing Claims

Your customers have seen it all. They’re getting thousands of media images every day.  There are more and more commercials and ads telling them why THIS product is just what they need, want and can't live without. With all that information flooding in, it's no wonder consumers seem more and more disinterested.

In this day and age, products need to do more, go further and stand out more.

At Ideas To Go, we feel that the most effective way to do that is with really compelling claims. A claim can stop consumers in their tracks and make them take notice. With just a few words, a claims says more about a product than a whole concept. 

Our Claimstorming® services process bypasses all the marketing fluff and gets straight to the pearl inside the oyster by uncovering and strategically leveraging the features and differences of your product. By combining the imagination of our Creative Consumers® associates with the ingenuity and knowledge of your marketing, market research and R&D experts, you'll develop a long list of diverse and unique claims—including hard and soft, competitive, ad and demo possibilities—that really resonate with consumers and say all that a product needs to say. 

So when you want your message to be short and sweet but pack a lot of punch, consider developing powerful and compelling claims to make new or existing products and services stand out.

Christine Haskins is VP, Innovation Process Consultant and Innovative Consumer Network Panel Director at Ideas To Go, an innovation agency that works with Fortune 500 companies in ideation and concept development to incorporate the voice of the consumer.

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Emeritus Facilitator Christine Haskins

Christine Haskins is an Emeritus Facilitator and Former Vice President of Customer Experience at Ideas To Go. She worked with customer-centered innovation for Fortune 500 companies across all market categories and industries.