Go From Creative Chaos to Strategic Momentum

Mission statements mean something to the people who create them. Ours is no different. It's a statement about what we believe in and why we do what we do. For us, our Mission is woven into our daily (work) lives—from talking to a client about their needs to creating a creative process that "moves the needle" for marketers and market researchers to making sure that everyone who walks through our doors experiences more than they expected.

But for a Mission statement to truly have value, it also should mean something to the people who we work (tirelessly) for. Here's what our clients—and future clients—get from us:

  • Commitment to continuous improvement—even when it feels risky, unconventional or uncomfortable.
  • Forward-looking optimism (not a rehashing/rethrashing of the past).
  • Creative "vision" put into action—as in less pomp, more circumstance.
  • Sense of purpose—not brainstorming for brainstorming's sake.
  • Heightened, contextual understanding of opportunities.
  • An empowering sense of momentum in your project, job, and/or team.
  • A seat at the innovation round table—no matter what your title or role in your organization.
  • Output and deliverables that are unique, relevant and actionable.
  • Rich context behind breakthrough insights.
  • Collaborative team experience.
  • Enhanced innovation tools and techniques to take with you back to your office.
  • An experience that leaves you feeling as exhausted as you are exhilarated.

Everyone at Ideas To Go is committed to making each project the best it can be, via these principles. Sound like something you can get behind? Get in touch today to find out how our expertise can channel your Creative Chaos and get you started on the path of Strategic Momentum.

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Liza Babcock

Liza Babcock is a Creative and Marketing Writer at Ideas To Go, an innovation agency that works with Fortune 500 companies in ideation and concept development to incorporate the voice of the consumer.