Before I became a Facilitator, I was an Ideas To Go client for several years. Before each session, I would brief my colleagues on what to expect from an ITG project. There was a particular phrase I always used: it's a Work Vacation. That is to say, you are working, but the process is so fun and engaging, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. 

Now that I’m a Facilitator, I can better speak to why Ideas To Go sessions feel like Work Vacations to our client teams.  It boils down to the key elements of any great vacation:

You leave the everyday behind

The point of a vacation is to rejuvenate—often in a new place. As Facilitators, our job is to get you to stretch your thinking to a new place. To do this well, we do everything we can to help you leave the everyday behind. From working in our stimulating suites that are as far from boring conference rooms as they can be, to helping you change your mindset, to handling the logistics and delighting you with the tiniest details, we take care of the day-to-day “how” so you can savor the “what” of generating ideas and making decisions.

You immerse yourself in something you love

Like backpacking through the Grand Canyon or scuba diving a new reef, Ideas To Go projects let you completely—and actively—immerse yourself in topics that you don’t get to play in every day. We repeatedly hear that our sessions’ activities and interactions are “why I got into marketing (or product development, or insights, or engineering) in the first place.” I can tell you from my client days, projects at ITG were among the most fun I ever had while working.

You emerge better prepared for what comes next 

If a vacation did its job well, you come home ready to take on life and work with a renewed vigor. We Facilitators are your cruise directors of sorts—ensuring the ideas move forward, and that your objectives are met efficiently and impactfully. Our client teams are constantly wowed by how much progress they make over the course of just a few days—and how prepared and excited they are to move the project forward when they get back.

Nothing will ever replace a bona fide vacation—but we hope that working with Ideas To Go is the next best thing.

Monica Grant

Monica Grant is an Innovation Process Consultant at Ideas To Go, an innovation agency that works with Fortune 500 companies in ideation and concept development to incorporate the voice of the consumer.