Case Study: The Benefits of Baby Formula

This week, Facilitators Cynthia Ryan and Shari Morwood co-presented at THE Market Research Event in Nashville, TN with Christopher McKinney, Market Research Associate Director at Mead Johnson Nutrition. Together they led a packed room through a successful process specially designed to leverage facts to generate new opportunities.

The Mead Johnson Nutrition team came to Ideas To Go for help generating and developing ideas for new products and communications around how formula can better support brain development in infants and children. The challenge the Mead Johnson Nutrition client team faced was to drive superior infant and children’s nutrition in a way that moms understand and find engaging and meaningful. Some emerging science looked very promising—however, they needed to align the benefits to support their core Enfa™ brand and translate this science into new product ideas.

Mr. McKinney kicked off the presentation by describing the team's objective:

  • Socialize the science & make it digestible.
  • Identify insights from past research, for stimulus.
  • Look outside for experts with new and different perspectives, including a futurist, a medical imaging specialist, leaders in pediatric medicine, and of course, creative moms.

He then presented the 360 degree participation methodology used during the project, explaining how the 3,000+ ideas generated during the ideation phase were then prioritized and honed into 19 concepts that were tested around the world. As a result, the client team chose 4 high potential innovation pathways to build their business.

To show how facts can be harnessed for new product development, the ITG facilitators engaged the audience in an exercise where they practiced using facts to generate new product ideas in an unrelated category. 

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