Turning Naysayers into Innovators
Adam Hansen, co-author of Outsmart Your Instincts, joins guest host William Edmundson on The Price of Business Radio, of Bloomberg’s Business Network in Houston, TX, to discuss the influence Cognitive Biases have on innovation. Whether it's Negativity Bias - negative events outweighing the positive events - or Availability Bias - recent and emotional memories coming to mind first - Cognitive Biases inhibit creativity in almost every setting. Through conscious awareness, however, these Cognitive Biases can be mitigated. Listen to the insightful discussion below. 


In case you missed it... 
Ed Harrington, also a co-author of Outsmart Your Instincts, published an article with Innovation Excellence titled Three Practical Ways to Turn Naysayers into Innovators. Check out the full article to overcome Negativity Bias and make the most out of your ideas.  
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