Ideas To Go's VP of Innovation and co-author of Outsmart Your Instincts: How the Behavioral Innovation™ Approach Drives your Company Forward Adam Hansen joins Intrepid Media to discuss the art of innovation and Cognitive Biases. Sometimes all it takes is some conscious thinking to push through the boundaries of creativity. Why not learn how?

Here are some talking points from their discussion:

1. What is Adam’s definition of innovation?

2. How does our evolution impact our struggle to innovate?

3. What are we currently doing wrong with innovation?

4. Consciously changing from YES BUT to YES AND responses.

5. How to move beyond judgment mode and into discovery mode.

6. Listing the solutions to ideas rather than the problems.

7. Is there a process to innovation?

8. How to take a bad idea and make it a good one!

Listen over at Intrepid Media as Adam discusses overcoming primal instincts to enhance problem-solving skills and other techniques to optimize innovation.

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