Outsmart Your Instincts Podcast Confabulation

Innovation Process Facilitator, Dina Pancoast, joins Adam Hansen on the Outsmart Your Instincts Podcast as they discuss Confabulation. Confabulation impedes on innovation in many ways, as it is the mind’s way of filling in our blind spots. In other words, we create reasoning where there otherwise might not be, which is detrimental to innovation, and especially market research. Tune in to hear how to best overcome Confabulation and generate better ideas with the Behavioral Innovation™ approach.

Confabulation definition: Confabulation is when we make decisions intuitively and nonconsciously, and rationalize the decisions after the fact. Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness Newsis a great example of Confabulation—people go along with scenarios that aren’t true and rationalize statements to back their opinions and “knowledge” of the matter. It might be an extreme case of Confabulation, but we all have it.

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