An Artful Example of Forness® Thinking

We’ve all sat in meetings with smart, well-intentioned people who meet every new idea with an instant analysis. “Yes,” they nod, “but…” and they proceed to lay out the reasons the idea won’t work. Unfortunately, those issues almost always focus on the negatives. How you react to those negatives can make all the difference. During the innovation process at Ideas To Go, we train clients in our Forness® thinking mindset in an effort to use problems as stimulus to create lots of solutions—in effect, making positives out of negatives.

This image is a “reverse graffiti” creation from UK artist and environmentalist Paul Curtis, who calls himself Moose. In his work, which has been sponsored by Clorox Green Works, he uses grungy highway walls as his canvas, raising the collective consciousness about pollution by removing dirt and grime to leave behind images of nature. I love this clever visual application of our Forness® thinking mindset. 

Hey, Clorox. Way to support the arts!

Photo credit: Reverse Graffiti by Dennis

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Emeritus Facilitator Cynthia Ryan

Cynthia Ryan is an Emeritus Innovation Process Facilitator at Ideas To Go, an innovation agency that works with Fortune 500 companies in ideation and concept development to incorporate the voice of the consumer.