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The three-pound wet computer between our ears hasn't had a hardware upgrade in about 120,000 years.

The great news: We don’t have to wait millennia for the latest and greatest software. Via neuroplasticity and deliberate practice, we can perform regular software upgrades for our cognition and consequent behavior.  

It’s like the cosmic IT Department gave us the most brilliant computer—one that helped us survive on the African savannah as well as in the frigid northern extremes of Scandinavia, and helped us deal with the relative simplicity of tens of thousands of years ago as well as the mindboggling complexity of now—but turned over the crowdsourced software and regular updates to us. It’s the kind of problem we were designed for. We can take charge of the ongoing Human OS releases, as well as the regular behavioral security patches and program-specific upgrades. 

The Behavioral Innovation™ Approach (BI) can help. We’re constantly updating it with the latest learning and tested results from Behavioral Science and Innovation. As you internalize the principles of BI, you can actually go from effortful System-2 deliberation to an effortless System-1 habit. And, as we learn from research on habits, they’re “free,” helping us act more intelligently and get more great work done. With BI, you can apply more of your brilliance and energies to the tasks that move innovation forward, not spiral into ineffective cognitive and behavioral loops that may feel temporarily satisfying, but don’t get you where you want to go.  

Avoid the human-software malware! Outsmart your instincts and put the Behavioral Innovation™ Approach to use in your team and organization. 

The Behavioral Innovation™ Webinar Series

Register for the Behavioral Innovation™ Webinar today! This webinar is designed to provide the tools that overpower the various Cognitive Biases that impede on innovation so teams can generate better ideas.

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Adam Hansen

Adam Hansen is co-author of the book, "Outsmart Your Instincts: How the Behavioral Innovation™ Approach Drives Your Company Forward," and Innovation Process Facilitator at Ideas To Go – an innovation agency that works with Fortune 500 companies to incorporate the voice of the consumer in ideation and concept development.