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The Behavioral Innovation™ Approach

ITG developed the Behavioral Innovation™ Approach to identify which Cognitive Biases are getting in the way of innovation and to provide new ways of thinking that sidestep those Biases. Engraining the Behavioral Innovation™ Approach along every step of the creative process establishes new ways of thinking about the problems teams face every day. This deep integration unlocks creative potential, so teams can develop new solutions that are unique and differentiated in their category.

Four of ITG's Expert Facilitators recently sat down to talk about what they love about the Behavioral Innovation™ Approach. See what they had to say with the videos below:

ITG President
Beth Storz

VP of Behavioral InnovationTM
Adam Hansen

Principal and Facilitator
Dina Pancoast


Creative Process Designer and Facilitator
Tyler Thompson

The Behavioral Innovation™ Webinar Series

Register for the Behavioral Innovation™ Webinar today! This webinar is designed to provide the tools that overpower the various Cognitive Biases that impede on innovation so teams can generate better ideas.


Register for the Behavioral  Innovation Webinar Today

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