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Everyone's expected to be innovative. There's a long list of speakers who are happy to tell you how, with plenty of examples of how it's been done before. But when it comes to tangible innovation education, the list falls short. That's where we come in.

Who are we? We're expert innovators, facilitators, speakers, and teachers. Since 1979, we've been helping clients in Fortune 500 companies—including 1/3 of the Fortune 100 list—navigate the nebulous world of innovation. We've developed and refined the creative process that makes risky, uncomfortable and unconventional ideas possible. 

If you're looking for an expert speaker for a keynote, event, or conference, Ideas To Go is here to help. And if you're looking for something more interactive, like a training or workshop, we can do that too. 

Don't see a topic that fits your needs? We'd love to create a customized solution for you—just get in touch!

Adam and Dina at HippopodIdeas To Go Innovation Process Facilitators Adam Hansen and Dina Pancoast speak on how Cognitive Biases impede innovation.

What Types Of Speaking Do We Do?

Our expert speakers don’t just talk about innovation techniques—they put them into practice each and every day. So we won’t just tell you how to innovate and overcome roadblocks to creativity—we provide real tools and techniques to help you access your innate innovator and come up with creative solutions to your challenges.

Creating a Culture of Innovation — Practical Tools and Techniques for Innovative Thinking 

In this fast-paced, interactive session, participants will learn how to develop and nurture everyday creativity and innovation within their team or company. Walk away with concrete ways to stimulate new ideas—either alone or in a group. These tools are both easy to learn and immediately applicable to any challenge.

Participants Will Take Away:

  • 3 specific idea generating techniques you can apply immediately.
  • A method for responding to ideas that nurtures new thinking, rather than stifling it.
  • A fun experience while learning all of the above.

Behavioral Innovation TrainingIdeas To Go's President, Beth Storz, speaking at HippoPod to create a culture of innovation.

How To Co-Create With Your Consumers 

Want to know what your consumer is thinking? There's no better way than to hear it right from your target consumers. But how do you get in touch with your target audience, much less put that learning to use? This session explains how to find the target consumers you need, how to uncover consumer insights—and then how to leverage those insights for real results that help you move from Creative Chaos to Strategic Momentum.

Participants Will Take Away:

  • Methods for finding the creative, articulate consumers you need.
  • Tips and tricks for listening to and talking with consumer groups.
  • How to ideate with consumers to create solutions grounded in true consumer experience.

Global Innovation 

Because many of today’s business challenges are global challenges, ideas that resonate with an American audience are just one piece of the puzzle. Solutions must fit the needs of a larger, world-wide audience. With years of global know-how under our belts, we’ll share our experience and insights gained from facilitating projects around the world (from Brazil to Borneo, Mexico to Malta, Canada to Colombia).

Participants Will Take Away:

  • A mindset for promoting creativity in every environment and location.
  • Techniques for adapting creative process to culture.
  • How to generate ideas and messages that resonate across cultures.
Adam and CCs at MIXX
Ideas To Go Innovation VP of Innovation Adam Hansen presents with a panel of Creative Consumers® associates at the IAB MIXX Conference.

Custom Presentation

Do your needs extend beyond what we've listed? Do you have special requests? We're flexible and will customize sessions specifically for you. Simply fill out the form and we'll start working to accommodate your wishes!

Past Custom Topics:
  • Building Better Claims.
  • How To Write A Compelling Consumer Insight.
  • Bringing The Creative Process To Corporate Culture. 
Happy Clients Include: 
  • HippoPod—watch the video here.
  • The Market Research Event.
  • Front End of Innovation.
  • The Yale Customer Insights Conference.
  • CPSI—Creative Problem Solving Institute.
  • Kimberly-Clark.  
BYS YCCI Interview2

Ideas To Go's President, Beth Storz presents a Q&A with VP of the Chocolate Category at Mars, Tanya Berman.

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