How We Innovate

Innovation Process:

Go From Creative Chaos to Strategic Momentum

Behavioral Innovation Approach

Our Behavioral Innovation™ approach is based on understanding—and identifying—the Cognitive Biases that trip us up and learning to overcome them so innovation opportunities can emerge. It helps you look for opportunities and makes you stop and think about what motivates a particular decision.

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Expert Facilitators

Bring us your most important business initiatives, and our expert Creative Process Designers + Facilitators will lead you through a process that’s as structured as it is creative—giving you the best critical thinking for your business and its future. Our objective facilitation approach encourages you to challenge your assumptions, to look through different lenses, and to creatively explore and understand an opportunity from multiple, key perspectives.

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Ideas To Go's Innovation Process

Since 1979, we have been the experts in navigating the nebulousness of the fuzzy front end of innovation, developing the innovation services and processes necessary to make risky, uncomfortable and unconventional possibilities possible, and co-creating consumer-driven concepts for new products, positioning, and promotions that score high in both uniqueness and relevance. It's innovation chemistry—and we know how to put the right people and processes together for you to create that strategic momentum you need to achieve your innovation goals.

When you partner with Ideas To Go, you get a team of people focused on your success.

Our approach gives you a depth and breadth of solutions driven by customer insights and ideas—generated and developed specific to your needs now, and for the future. Our commitment to your success is what drives us—and our passion for innovation is why Fortune 500 companies—including 1/3 of the Fortune 100—come to us again and again.

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We just received results from our concepts developed with Ideas To Go, and they're FANTASTIC! Best of all, the Marketing VP joked that he had too many good ideas to choose from! thank you for such a great kick-off to this project. It really led us down a meaningful and differentiated path that will likely pay off big for the organization. I'm hoping I get to work with Ideas To Go again soon."

— Manager of Marketing Innovation, National Vitamins + Supplements Manufacturer


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