Behavioral Innovation™ Approach

First, Understand and Identify. Then, Change.

The Cognitive Biases that impede innovation carry the force of thousands of generations of intuitive behavior. And while psychology and behavioral economics have recently become integral to business innovation, they haven’t merged as one cohesive solution until now. Our Behavioral Innovation™ approach is based on understanding—and identifying—what inherent biases trip us up and how to work to overcome them so innovation opportunities can emerge. It’s innovation that goes into your head, your daily work, and ultimately into how you approach life. It helps you look for opportunities and makes you stop and think about what motivates a particular decision.

We weave the Behavioral Innovation™ approach throughout our entire process.

We start by explaining the eight cognitive biases that cause the most mayhem in innovation: Negativity Bias, Availability Bias, The Curse of Knowledge, Status Quo Bias, Confabulation, Conformity Bias, Confirmation Bias and errors of Framing, then showing client teams what they look like in detail (so it's easy to recognize them), and finally giving everyone the specific steps to combat them as we progress through the divergent/endless possibilities part of our process through the convergent/strategic alignment phase—and even through initial qualitative testing.

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Creative Problem Solving Model

Let's get down to brass tacks about the creative process. It is not some wild, get crazy, do-whatever-you-feel endeavor. It is a structured and extremely effective methodology. Process matters. And the perfect process to follow when you to tackle is problem is the Creative Problem Solving Model.

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Forness® Thinking

In innovation, as in life, negative responses only lead to dead ends. In addition to new ideas drying out, progress stalls, ideas get safer instead of more innovative, and team members quit participating altogether. We employ a method called the Forness® response to counteract this environment and create a world of yes.

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Creative Consumers® Associates

The creative voice of the customer is at the heart of everything we do. That's why we have a co-creation dream team, ready for any business challenge. Our Creative Consumers® associates are just like your target customers—but highly trained in creative problem solving—so they provide rich insights and smart solutions. You'll never think of consumer work the same way again.

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Outsmart Your Instincts

"Just trust your gut" is great advice when your instinct tells you to run from a lion in the jungle. But when it comes to innovating your business, those instincts can be your own worst enemy. It's time to let go of the Cognitive Biases that get in the way of fresh new ideas, and learn a new way to think.

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Case Study

Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Pizza

To aid their efforts to bring fresh, new ideas to the category, Ideas To Go organized a round of ideation and qualitative evaluation for pizza ideas that would be desirable to kids, and approved by moms. 

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Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites
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