Behavioral Innovation Approach

Creative Consumers®Associates

Great Minds Think Alike. Creative Minds Think Together.

Want To Know What Your Consumer Is Thinking?

There's no better way than to hear it straight from the horse's mouth (well, so to speak). To get in touch with your target audience and uncover consumer insights, get in touch with our Creative Consumers® associates (CCs).

What Are CCs?

Think of your target customer or consumer.

Now, picture that they're also highly articulate, imaginative, and thoroughly trained in creative problem-solving techniques.

CCs help to co-create breakthrough ideas that not only drive your project forward, faster—but also ground your concepts in authentic consumer insights, perspective and language. Think of our CCs as your consumers...but in a class all their own. Understanding consumers has never been this fascinating. 


With CCs You Get:

  • Lateral thinkers
  • Listeners
  • Strong vocabulary
  • Ability to clearly express themselves
  • Collaborators
  • Fun, playful attitude
  • Puzzle solvers
  • Openess to new things
  • Prolific ideators
  • Different, yet useful directions
  • A consumer mindset

Creative Consumers® Associates vs. Regular Consumers

Wondering how CCs separate themselves from your average consumer? Download this one-pager to see how the generative CCs truly differentiate themselves. 

Download the  One-Pager

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Creative Consumers Kids

Kids, Millennials, Boomers: CCs Of Every Age

Understanding the mind and heart of the consumer is crucial when it comes to successful concept development. That's why we have a wide array of consumers to match our clients' targets.



Benefits Of Using Kids In Ideation


What I Love About Being A Creative Consumers® Associate


Boomers - You Should Be Paying Attention

Baby Boomer Creative Consumers

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An Interview with CC Annette


Why Talk To Kids At Ideas To Go?


Being A CC Has Taught Me...


See how our Creative Consumers® Kids have moved our clients' ideas forward, faster.

Custom Recruited Creative Panels

Because we know how to identify creative people, we can also create a custom-recruited group to fit your specific needs. Many of our custom panels include doctors of nearly every specialty, small business owners, teachers, new and expectant mothers, and even public safety professionals (hooray for firefighters and police officers)—all of whom are trained in advance, so they're ready to share their insights and experiences with you from the moment they walk in the door.

Inspiration Panels

Sometimes, to think outside your comfort zone, you need a little extra inspiration. We often use stim panels to get your creative thoughts spinning in new directions. These panels are comprised of people in adjacent categories to your own, as well as creative people from any profession, to really help you stretch. Past panels have included presentations and discussions with:

  • A hospitality professional and luxury travel planner

  • A sommelier (including a wine tasting)

  • A futurist

  • A clinically trained social worker

  • An economist working in the health care industry

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