Behavioral Innovation Approach

Creative Problem Solving Model

Diverge + Converge

The Pliability of the Creative Process

Once upon a time, innovation was reserved only for new product development. But it’s not hard to see that that rule no longer applies. In fact, there seems to be no limit to where and how innovation can apply itself. That's the beauty of "process."

Ideas To Go Facilitator explains creative processThe Creative Process is made of a few core elements that first stretch your thinking to uncover a broad range of ideas, then critically evaluate them to find the right set of possible solutions. This divergent-convergent structure is the base of the creative problem solving model and all our project designs, helping you unlock your creative potential and identify the best ideas possible.

The Benefits of the Creative Process

    • It's flexible yet predictive.

    • It lends itself to collaboration and co-creation.

    • It's applicable across all types of innovation.

    • It's never one size fits all.

The Players in the Creative Process

YOU: Content drivers who make the big strategic decisions and experts of your business.

Facilitators: Experienced leaders who are passionate about designing, optimizing and implementing the best process for innovation, getting you the results you need.

Creative Consumers® associates: Articulate, creative thinkers trained to provide insights, needs and ideas that stretch your thinking from incremental to ingenious.


The Ideas To Go Process

Our process is based on the Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving process,
developed by Alex Osborn and Sidney Parnes. As we mentioned above, it focuses on two phases:

  1. Divergence, designed to stretch your thinking to uncover a broad range of ideas.
  2. Convergence, or evaluating options to find the right set of possibilities, and then making decisions.

By separating these two operations into distinct phases, we created the diamond model. It's the roadmap we follow through every project to deliver high-quality results that reach fresh territories, all grounded in real consumer experience.

Diamond creative process that illustrates divergence and convergence

Tools to Unlock Creative Potential

Creativity is at the heart of all new innovations and innovative thinking. Ideas To Go utilizes each part of the Creative Problem Solving Model to stretch thinking into new territories and to quickly identify ideas with the most potential. Here are just a few of the ways we unlock creative potential through the process:

  • Creative Environment: It's difficult to find inspiration in the same square meeting room used for PowerPoint presentations. Getting into a new and creative space forces the brain into a different mindset. Open spaces, lots of movement, fidget toys, and visual stimuli are just some of the ways we foster a creative environment. 

  • Creative Excursions: Creativity involves bringing two, seemingly unrelated ideas together in a unique and useful way. The best way to push the brain laterally and find those unrelated concepts is through creative excursions—exercises designed to push thinking into new territories and bring back stimulus to form new possibilities.

  • Forness® Mindset: Pushing past Negativity Bias goes against thousands of years of human evolution, but it's imperative to new innovation. The Forness® mindset was developed for the purpose of enhanced creativity and rapid ideation, overcoming human biases and focusing on the potential in each new idea.

We chose Ideas To Go because we needed good ideation AND we needed someone we could trust. After looking at our options, there was no question ITG made the most sense. Some of the other options we looked at were a little like 'magic' and I felt we would have to take it on faith that the 'magic' would work. In contrast, your approach made good common sense. One key to your success is your Creative Consumers® associates, but the surprise to our new participants was the way you harness the power of our core team and put them to work.
- VP + Research Director, Advertising Agency


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