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Even with the best intentions, our instincts often get in the way of innovation. The good news is that the Cognitive Biases that trip us up can be identified and overcome with the right tools and techniques. That’s why we wrote a book.

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"By far the best reference on the cognitive biases that routinely curb our innovative efforts. A must read for leaders in marketing, innovation, brand management, and especially those involved in product/service development." - Brent Hathaway, Dean of Lee Business School at UNLV

Don't Trust Your Gut. Read our book Outsmart Your Instincts.
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The Behavioral Innovation™ approach merges breakthroughs from behavioral science with business innovation.

The focus is on the 8 Cognitive BiasesNegativity Bias, Availability Bias, The Curse of Knowledge, Status Quo, Confabulation, Conformity and Framing—that get in the way of creativity and creative thinking.
Each chapter teaches you how to identify and overcome these barriers to innovation so you can be a better innovator.

Throughout our book, we explore eight of the largely nonconscious Cognitive Biases that we’re predisposed to. Cognitive Biases are a collection of mental shortcuts that have evolved in our brains over time, shaping our judgment of the world. Social scientists confirm that all humans have them—across age groups, across cultures. To be human is to have Cognitive Biases.

And, Cognitive Biases make innovation difficult.

But we hope we can help do something about it. We may not be able to get rid of these biases, but learning about them—and how they impact our own thinking—can make important and helpful differences in all of our work.

If you would like to learn more about Cognitive Biases, keep checking this space for new e-books, videos, articles and downloads. Here are a few things to get you started:


Cognitive Biases

Need a quick reference guide for the eight Cognitive Biases that make the biggest impact on your innovation efforts? Download our one-pager now.



How Do You Choose? An Academic Look at Insights

Ideas To Go CEO Ed Harrington interviews Zoë Chance, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Yale School of Management, about why people make the choices they do. Prepare to be fascinated by the way so many of our choices are subject to outside influence.


Cognitive Biases


Why is innovation so hard? Simply put, the deck is stacked against us. ITG's Adam Hansen provides a quick overview of a few of the Cognitive Biases that make innovation hard.


Why Is Innovation So Hard?

by Adam Hansen, Creative Process Facilitator and Vice President of Innovation

Why is Innovation So Hard?

Although hurdles vary from business to business, the plain fact is that innovation work is hard. But is there something even deeper tripping us up? Check out our e-book to learn how Cognitive Biases may be influencing your decision-making—and how you can get on the right track.


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Case Study

Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Pizza

To aid their efforts to bring fresh, new ideas to the category, Ideas To Go organized a round of ideation and qualitative evaluation for pizza ideas that would be desirable to kids, and approved by moms. 

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Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites
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