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Adam Hansen

VP Behavioral Innovation
Creative Process Designer + Facilitator

As a new product professional, I have always believed in the power of possibility—accepting new approaches, questioning conventional wisdom, and being open to anything. This impulse led me to a career in developing new products for innovative companies such as M&M/Mars, Melaleuca and American Harvest, before joining Ideas To Go in 2001.

Now as a facilitator, I’m passionate about helping clients understand their own possibilities—even beyond the scope of their projects—so they take the innovative energy and momentum they gained at ITG back to their own organizations.

My path to innovation process started with an MBA in product management from Indiana University. I also cultivated my passion for New Product Development as the VP of Association Development for PDMA, and have also enriched my own practice through training in Innovation Engineering.


I’m truly inspired by people around me—from reading provocative thinkers and listening to rule-breaking geniuses in every musical genre, to hanging out with my family who never cease to amaze me.

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