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Beth Storz

President + Principal

Creative Process Designer + Facilitator

Giving my clients the freedom to explore all the possibilities for their business is one of the reasons I love my job. As a facilitator, I get to help them bring together all the best ideas to create a great recipe for success—whether it’s a recipe that’s tried-and-true, or one that is concocted on the fly. And, watching it all come together is both fun and rewarding—every time it happens.

As President of my a capella group in college, I remember challenging assumptions and affecting change to take us to the next level. As President of Ideas To Go, I strive to do the same for our clients and for ourselves. There’s inherent momentum in exploring what could be before someone has stated what something must be. And working in a culture like ITG makes it a joy to try new things, see where it takes us, then start the discovery-learning process all over again.

That thirst for learning has propelled me throughout my career—from getting my BS in Business Management at Cornell University and an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business, to brand management at some of the premier consumer packaged goods companies, including Unilever, Kraft and Nabisco. Some of the most important lessons I’ve learned about people are recognizing both what they have to offer and how to help them live up to their potential—so, in the end, they can be more innovative.


My favorite ideation excursion is the line-dance. It gets people on their feet, increases interaction, feels like chaos, and results in a lot of great ideas.

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