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Cara Greene Epstein

Creative Process Designer + Facilitator

I began my career as a creative thinker and ideation professional as a Creative Consumers® associate with Ideas To Go when I was 18. Since then, I have helped hundreds of corporations and non-profits use the creative process to grow their organizations, develop stronger branding platforms, create innovative marketing strategies and tactics, and position new and existing products.

The best part of being a Facilitator is the “aha!” moment – when the client really steps outside the box and sees the world possibilities for the first time. This happens all the time when clients are working with our Creative Consumers® associates. One of them will come up with an idea and all of the sudden, something about that idea, that fresh perspective, will spark the client’s creativity and then they are off and running. It’s thrilling to see.

My creativity work is informed by my background as a filmmaker, writer, actor, and arts educator. I hold an honors degree in Theater Arts from Cornell University, as well as an MFA in Acting from The Old Globe/University of San Diego. As an educator, I have partnered with theaters across the country to use the arts to help high school, college, and adult students unlock their creative and artistic potential.

I’m inspired by those who are willing to risk failure because it is a necessary part of success. In order to learn to leap, you must be willing to fall and then you must be dedicated and determined enough to dust yourself off, climb back up the hill, and leap again.

Cara Greene Epstein

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