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Dina Pancoast

Principal, Creative Process Designer + Facilitator

I love helping clients release and celebrate their innate potential, as well as teaching them ways to be more innovative overall. It’s so satisfying to see their sense of satisfaction at the completion of a project.

Because the ambiguity of the Fuzzy Front End can be thrilling yet nerve-wracking, the key to success is getting clients started with true insights from real consumers. They help generate insights that are significant, meaning truly important to the consumer—unique, meaning not applicable to tons of other things—and unobvious, meaning they come from a deep, far corner of the mind. When clients hear ideas from bona fide ideation rock stars like our carefully-screened and creativity-trained Creative Consumers® associates (CCs), pure delight takes over their faces. It’s magical!

Before joining Ideas To Go in 2014, I worked as the Director of Marketing Services with Cox Media Group in Orlando, consulting with local businesses on marketing strategy and advertising innovation. Prior to that I was a Marketing and Research Associate, working to ensure that company’s business practices aligned with socially responsible mutual funds. I also worked as a living tour guide with the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York, playing an historical character bringing to life the reality of immigrants living in early 20th century New York City.


I’m inspired by preparing and eating food. I am always thinking about what I just ate, what I’m about to eat, or that awesome dish I ate that one time.

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