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Greg Cobb

Principal, Creative Process Designer + Facilitator

I heard about Ideas To Go in 2007, and remember thinking facilitation would be a dream job. The idea of creating and guiding a process that results in a final output with stretch ideas that clients are excited to bring home is beyond rewarding. It’s energizing, motivating, and yes, a dream job.

As a photography enthusiast, I love the parallels between photography and innovation process. In the same way photography is the art of telling a story with billions of scattered photons, idea generation is the high energy art of taking the chaotic cloud of ideas in any organization, and refining them into a strategy with a clear purpose and feasible next steps.

My path to facilitation started with a BA in sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. From there, I led the consumer division of Psyma International, a custom market research firm, where I honed my ethnographic, online and traditional market research skills.

I find innovation inspiration in endurance athletes. Despite thousands of hours of preparation, in order to succeed—whether by winning a race or by setting a personal record—they must perform in a consistent state of risk, sometimes for hours at a time. Every second they maintain their goal pace, they are pushing their bodies slightly beyond the stress limits set during training.

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