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Monica Grant

Creative Process Designer + Facilitator

There are a few things I can’t live without. To jolt me from my morning dream state: coffee. As I power through my day: fresh air. But perhaps most importantly: I need to learn. If I go through a day without picking up something new, I feel something missing. That’s why Facilitation is so satisfying—I have the privilege of meeting so many new people, getting to take on so many diverse challenges, and witnessing the birth of tons of new ideas. How is that for learning something new every day?!

All those new ideas are grounded in consumer insights, which are simply problems that have insufficient solutions. Good insights bring a consumer tension to life in a way that seems, in hindsight, so head-slappingly obvious! Our Creative Consumers® associates bring the true consumer experience and insight to life in each and every project—for every day I spend with them, I say at least 10 times, “Wow, I’ve never thought about it like that before.”

My path to Facilitation started by earning degrees in Advertising and Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. I then worked my way through diverse marketing roles in the advertising and travel industries. Before joining Ideas To Go in 2016, I refined my love for understanding consumer behavior in various insights and innovation roles at Dr Pepper Snapple Group.


Nature is my inspiration. When I have free time, you will often find me immersed in it – scuba diving, backpacking, getting dirt under my nails in the garden. Over the millennia, nature has both created and solved so many challenges in such fascinating ways. We could do a lot worse than take inspiration from nature’s infinitely complex creativity.

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