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Ryan Comins

Creative Process Designer + Facilitator

I’m inspired by people who are able to command a room with their presence. It’s amazing when someone’s passion comes through regardless of the topic. That’s why it is truly a privilege to work with our highly-trained Creative Consumers® associates (CCs)—they bring their best thinking to each and every project, and this in turn inspires our clients.

The satisfaction of contributing to the process of creative problem solving is what makes being a Facilitator one of the best jobs out there. Because my number one priority is ensuring that clients discover many actionable ways to improve and expand upon their opportunities, I appreciate the innovation process that channels that inspiration—a process that aims to reign in the chaotic swarm of idea generation and focus clients’ energy in order to make their goals a reality.

Prior to joining Ideas To Go in 2016, I worked as a technical and recruiting consultant. My expertise in finding top talent lends itself especially well to motivating groups and individuals to actualize their full potential, and engaging them in intense discussions and exercises. Instead of searching for diamonds in the rough in the world of talent, I now find gems in the world of innovation.

As a director, actor, comedian and writer, I am passionate about innovating new concepts and ideas for the stage. This same urge drives me to empower clients as they engage with business challenges.

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