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Susan Wandell

Creative Process Designer + Facilitator

Curiosity, creativity, and the mind of the consumer led me to discover Ideas To Go shortly after its founding—when it was called Fred Meyer & Associates. Back then, my interest and expertise was on the academic side. It was that pursuit that also led me to be the first Creative Consumers® associate (CCs). Now, as a facilitator, I get to put all of that knowledge and experience to use for my clients.

Like good food and wine, I love pairing clients with CCs. They add focus to the ideation, richness to the experience, and a deeper understanding into the hearts and minds of a client’s consumer — or potential consumer. Plus, they just make the process sparkle. It’s consistently my favorite part of the process. No matter what the topic, CCs continue to surprise and delight me. Not to mention how much they energize a client team.

My exploration of creativity started in education. I have an MA in Gifted and Talented Education, with an Emphasis on Creativity, as well as an Ed. S from the University of St. Thomas. As a coordinator for K-12 gifted and talented programs, as well as my time as an Elementary and Middle School Principal, I helped identify kids for our Creative Consumers® associates pool (including many that are in our adult CCs pool today). And I still offer my time pro bono as a creative problem-solving consultant for teachers, school boards and community groups.


One of my favorite excursions is a guided imagery, followed by drawings done only in blues. It's based on the British Columbia 2009 study that linked creativity with the color blue. 'Through associations with the sky, the ocean and water, most people associate blue with openness, peace and tranquility,' says Zhu, who conducted the research with UBC PhD candidate Ravi Mehta. 'The benign cues make people feel safe about being creative and exploratory. Not surprisingly it is people's favourite colour.'

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