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Tyler Thompson

Creative Process Designer + Facilitator

Creativity is what brought me to Ideas To Go, and creativity is what keeps me at Ideas To Go. I love leading the interaction between Creative Consumers® associates and our client teams. It’s amazing to see the wide range of ideas generated by complete strangers in a group setting. Mixing the consumer perspective with the business expertise of the client team opens the collective mind to really unique ideas. And as a facilitator, it feels great to initiate that interaction, provide the creative stimulus, and then watch the process unfold right in front of me.

There are a few things I’m passionate about outside of facilitation. The first is technology—I will talk your ear off about the future of society and how technology will play a role. The second is snowboarding—I love the Rockies even though I grew up riding frozen Midwest hills. And the third is music—with an understanding of the production and mixing process I’ve come to an elevated appreciation for a great record.

Before jumping into the world of innovation, I studied the effects of creativity on problem-solving methods at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Double majoring in Biology B.S. and Psychology B.A., I took my interest in human behavior and translated it into process design and creative output.


I’m inspired by people who constantly push themselves out of their comfort zone. The path of least resistance is rarely the most exciting, and there’s something ironically peaceful about succeeding while uncomfortable. Consistent progress is what makes us human.

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