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Claimstorming® Services

Develop Strong Claims That Support Your Positioning

Build better claims.

Our Claimstorming® service provides compelling, consumer-driven thinking on new products, technologies and positioning when you need to stake out territory, strengthen benefits, or emphasize key points of difference.

Here's how it works:

  • You bring your team—including technical, clinical and R&D representatives—to provide your collective expertise. All those facts, figures, and technical specs are the building blocks for compelling claims.
  • Our Expert Facilitators lead your team alongside our imaginative Creative Consumers® associates in a variety of creative exercises and techniques.
  • You uncover myriad claims, including detailed attributes, metaphors, language alternatives, and aspirational claims—creating consumer-driven statements that really resonate. 

What is a claim definition

How Can I Use My New Claims?

Test 20-50 different claims statements with consumers in a facilitated Claims Sort process, to see which resonate best.
Transition into a facilitated Positioning project to test claims in a concept exhibit format.
Transition into a facilitated Product Optimization project using claims statements as a starting point.
Leave with a variety of hard and soft claims for further internal research, refinement or subtantiation.