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Solid communication about your product or service works like a starting block—it propels you in the right direction. 

Whether it's leveraging key points of difference, connecting your language with a compelling consumer insight, or finding that one message that fits like a glove, we will help you establish a unique and relevant positioning strategy.

We find that “big ideas” spring from compelling insights. Our communications development process helps you find those big ideas. If it’s not compelling, or if you’re saying something irrelevant, you’re never going to communicate well with your customers.

At Ideas To Go, we use articulate, imaginative Creative Consumers® associates to help develop those “a-ha” insights—ensuring the communications you develop really do resonate with your target audience.

The positioning concepts developed with the Ideas To Go process and Creative Consumers® associates not only scored the highest in the history of the company, but also in the history of the testing company.
- Director of Innovation, Leading Food Company

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The 3 Keys To Successful Positioning

Positioning is about sacrificing some information to highlight what's most meaningful to a specific target. The goal is to stake a claim in the customer's heart and mind. Here are the 3 Key Components:


A Consumer Insight - The Premise

An insight statement indicates what's going on with the consumer before they're aware of your product or service. A good insight should cause a head nod in agreement. It's the opening hook that lets people know that you're speaking to them.

A Key Benefit - The Promise

The benefit pays off the previous consumer insight in a focused and single-minded way. It must clearly answer the consumer question, "What do I get?" Avoid the temptation to combine multiple benefits together. One per concept is the rule.

Reasons To Believe - The Proof

RTBs convince your consumer that your product or service will really pay off the promised benefit. We find that 2-3 support statements are usually the right amount to provide the confidence that your idea can actually deliver.

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Learn More About Developing Your Communications

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3 Steps To Positioning Success

Ideas To Go Facilitator Emeritus Cynthia Ryan discusses what it takes to position your product or service successfully. Hint #1: Start with consumer insights directly from your consumers. 

Communication Development: What's Your "So What?"

Communications Development starts with the consumer insight, but to write a great positioning concept, it takes an even better benefit. Be it functional or emotional, here's what it takes to generate great consumer benefits.

Positioning FAQs

Learn from our Professional Concept Writer, Katie Franke, why you should be developing the proper communications and/or positioning for your product or service. These are our most Frequently Asked Questions. 

Top 16 Reasons Why Great Ideas Become Bad Concepts

A lot happens from the realization of an idea to its final concept. And just because you have a great idea doesn't mean it will translate to a strong concept. See what to do—and what not to do—to get the most out of your concepts.