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A well-developed concept is both an art and a science. The science comes from having the right elements in the right formula. The art comes from language—and the know-how to bring it to life.

Our disciplined, facilitated concept development process is designed to unlock your creative potential and develop innovative possibilities. First, we help identify the essence of your ideas, then communicate those essences in a compelling way, and have them ready for concept testing. Don't just convey the message you want to share, convey the message your consumer wants to hear. 

After working with Ideas To Go, we received topline results on the 3 concepts that we took through quantitative testing, and they performed exceptionally well. We now have a strong pipeline for the future of our product category. Thank you to the facilitators and the ITG team for the collaboration on this initiative–great things happen when you work hard and when you have an awesome Team!
- Global New Products Team for a Personal Care Brand

With our streamlined process, you and your team will not only walk away with great concepts, you’ll also have a better sense of consumer insights, be able to find benefits that motivate, understand the right reasons to believe, and see the value of purposeful editing.


What You Get With Our Concept Development Process


Consumer Insights
Concepts need to resonate with consumers. Our Creative Consumers® associates are smart, articulate, and trained in the creative process, all so you can find the best insights to reach your target audience.
Expert Facilitation
Getting things done can be hard—especially when it's something as important as developing concepts. Our Facilitators are experts in the innovation process, maximizing creativity and output, so you can focus on the content.
Professional Writers
Concepts behind closed doors are different than concepts presented to consumers. Our skilled writers take the outlines generated during concept development, and turn them into consumer-friendly concepts ready for the next step.
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Learn More About Concept Development

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