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Consumer Immersion

Dive Into The Heart and Mind of Your Consumer

Data is data—but stories are powerful. When you want to dive deep into motivations and insights, you really need to put faces to your research.

Our consumer immersion services are tailored to your needs—especially if you need to bring the consumer experience to life for your company. Designed for both large and small groups, the result is a sense of discovery, lots of ah-ha's and buy-in on your consumer innovation efforts across teams, brands and even entire organizations.

While each project is custom designed for specific needs, common elements include:
  • Full-Service Consumer Recruiting—Using Ideas To Go’s own Creative Consumers® associates or iCoN® panelists, or custom-recruited consumers in your own location.
  • Preparation Assignment—Expertly prepared by one of our Innovation Process Facilitators, these insight assignments help consumers come prepared to share in illustrative, creative, and thought-provoking ways.
  • Participant Orientation—Practical training for all the members of your event on the art and science of interacting with consumers—as well as teaching why consumer-driven work is so important. Topics may range from how to ask open vs. close-ended questions, to encouraging the dynamics that make consumers feel comfortable to share openly.
  • Consumer Immersion and Interaction—Company participants come face-to-face with consumers through a variety of insightful (and fun) activities, from sharing prep assignments, to ethnographic shopping experiences, to trend explorations, to consumer creative expression videos.
  • Event Debrief—Facilitators debrief the day to capture the insights and applications specific to your business needs.

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