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Our Services

Creative Ethnography® Services

  Learning Through Interaction.

Not Your Typical Ethnography

There's more to your consumer than meets the eye. While observing consumers reveals a lot about their actions, it doesn't tell you what's going on in their hearts or minds. 

Ideas To Go Creative Ethnography® services help you uncover deeper, richer consumer insights that go beyond observation to the emotions and motivations behind consumer behavior. 

Developed with the help of both academics and traditional ethnographers, our process combines our expertise in expert facilitation and ideation with an interactive, observational study of Creative Consumers® associates in their own environment—whether at work, at home, or in a social setting. 


When Should You Use

Creative Ethnography® Services?

When your team has little direct experience with your target consumer.
When you need to see how prototypes perform in real life.
When you're looking for unarticulated consumer needs.
When you need consumer perspective on evolving your brand.
When you need to understand the impact of regional, ethnic or age-related behaviors on product usage and needs.


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 How Does It Work?

The Visits

You and your team are actively involved in each visit, giving you a chance to both observe and interact.

Visits are done with Creative Consumers® associates—who are more articulate and insightful than traditional observational subjects—and work with you to uncover the emotional and functional "whys" behind their behavior.

The Process

The entire process is led by our Expert Facilitators from beginning to end—so your team gets the best preparation, training and project results possible. 

A post-visit debrief allows your team to uncover hidden insights that can go directly into an Ideas To Go ideation session for new products, positioning or strategic opportunity identification.