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Innovation Training

Innovate Your Innovation Skills

From writing better concepts, to breaking down the barriers within your internal efforts, our innovation training workshops give you the knowledge you need to succeed.

We train corporate teams in creativity and innovation tools, techniques, and theories—that go from half-day overviews to full, three-day corporate culture events. We tailor our curriculum based on your team’s size, experience in the topic, and schedule.

Cognitive Bias Workshop

(minimum 6 hours)

Cognitive Biases are what Behavioral Scientists call the collection of mental shortcuts that shape our judgment of the world. In the course of conducting thousands of innovation sessions, Ideas To Go has:

  1. Identified the top biases that get in the way of innovation.
  2. Developed techniques to overcome Cognitive Biases.
  3. Created tools to use Cognitive Biases to an innovation advantage.

This in-depth, full-day workshop is primarily designed for those who work in innovation, or lead innovation teams. In this customized workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about (and experience) each Cognitive Bias, firsthand.
  • Discuss how—and when—each Cognitive Bias is relevant to your team and work.
  • Practice tools to leverage each bias in real-life scenarios.

Concept Writing Training

(minimum 6 hours)

Our most popular training for marketing and market research teams. This hands-on workshop breaks down how to build a concept in a few easy steps. You’ll learn the tips and tricks to successfully testing concepts from the experts who have written hundreds of thousands of concepts for Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial and Pharmaceutical industries.

Participants will:

  • Learn the different structures for new product and positioning concepts.
  • Go through how to write compelling insights, benefits, descriptions, claims and proof points.

Custom Innovation Training

We also create custom training sessions based on your needs. Past topics include Building Better Claims, How To Write A Compelling Consumer Insight, Bringing Creative Process To Corporate Culture. Just contact us and we'll help determine which training is right for you.

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Quiz: What Cognitive Bias Are You?

If you want to go through our Cognitive Bias Workshop, it's best to fully understand what Cognitive Biases are—and which one is getting in the way of your innovation most. So, what Bias are you?

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When properly implemented, creative training affects more than how you work, it affects every aspect of your life. Read this interview with one of our Creative Consumers® associates to see how it has impacted her life. 

How To Write Winning Concepts

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