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Global Innovation

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Many of today’s business challenges are actually global challenges. Concepts that resonate with an American audience are often just a piece of the puzzle. Marketers also need solutions optimized to fit the needs of a larger, world-wide audience.

That’s why we bring years of global know-how to our clients’ projects—with the help of a team of trusted partners—to offer global insights and a seamless Ideas To Go experience...anywhere you need to be.

Global Innovation Services

Ideas To Go ensures each global innovation project yields superior results by:
  • Sourcing, training and working alongside the best local moderators.

  • Training local consumers in creative process and ideation techniques—but in their own cultures—enabling your target to offer customer-driven solutions from their worldview.

  • Creating a range of high-quality concepts with the help of our 35+ years of concept writing experience.

  • Offering a faster, streamlined project design with our Concentrated Concept Development™ process.

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Learn More About How We Innovate Globally

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Global Innovation Studies

With experience around the globe, check out some of our case studies in non-American markets. From pharmaceuticals to infant care, we find and train consumers within your demographic to co-create new ideas. 

How Do You Sell Insurance Across Cultures?

Watch as Beth Hirschhorn, executive vice president for global brand and marketing at MetLife discusses how they found a message that resonated between different cultures. 

Ideas To Go's Innovation Process

Learn how Ideas To Go helps innovate, regardless of industry, and the mindset we use to promote creativity in every environment. We will help you generate hundreds of ideas, the develop those ideas into professionally written concepts.

Quiz: What Cognitive Bias Are You?

Cognitive Biases are everywhere. It doesn't matter what country you're in, these Biases will get in the way of innovation. Our training helps overcome these Biases—find out your most prominent Cognitive Bias with this short quiz.