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Let the voice of your customer unlock your creative potential. We start ideation by putting you in touch with highly trained Creative Consumers® associates that fit your target demographic, so you can include your consumers’ perspective, right from the start. 

Our expert Facilitators take you and your team through ideation, convergence and concept development in a streamlined, yet creatively engaging process. From hundreds of raw ideas, you’ll end up with 8-12+ professionally written concepts that are ready for consumer reaction groups, or further internal testing.

Our idea generation sessions are equal parts assumption busting, insight mining, ethnography, and team building. Ranging from positioning to new product ideation, we have the tools—and the experience—to help with any ideation need.

"When I started managing this brand, current leadership said the strategy was to steal market share. 'Innovation is not possible, the segment is mature and there is no hope for new products.' One week with Ideas To Go and their minds were changed."
- Brand Manager, Digestive Health, Fleet Labs

We also understand that you can't always travel away from the office for consumer innovation and ideation work. Our online ideation services provide remote/off-site participation for both consumers and your team—ensuring your consumers’ voices are consistently heard throughout your innovation process.

An alternative to onsite idea generating sessions, our online tools allow your team to enjoy robust engagements with our Creative Consumers® associates—wherever you and they are.


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Why Co-Creation?

Since Ideas To Go's founding in 1979, a lot has changed—yet the importance of co-creating ideas with Creative Consumers® associates has only increased. Here are 4 key reasons why consumer co-creation matters when successfully generating ideas:



To be successful, new ideas must fulfill an important, relevant need for consumers in a unique way. Listening to Creative Consumers® associates helps create a deeper understanding of what is really important—and leads to ideas that respond to actual needs and insights.


One of the greatest risks when capitalizing on any opportunity is exploring it from a limited perspective. Including a range of Creative Consumers® associates and stakeholders in the idea generation process pushes all participants to challenge their assumptions, and look at the opportunity from multiple perspectives.


Having Creative Consumers® associates with different perspectives interact during idea production allows for new ideas that no individual could create on their own. When those new ideas are shared, they spark additional ones in a chain reaction—helping to get to opportunities you never thought of before.

Shared Ownership

Building your ideation team with diverse stakeholders, from different functions, promotes shared ownership of the concepts you create. Plus, the team will come to a shared understanding of the consumer needs and insights that are driving the ideas—creating a common vision.

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