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Inspire® Consumer Insight Platform

Data Collection Powered by Consumer Empathy

Every Survey Tells a Story. 

Understanding the emotions driving consumer behavior can be tricky. The Inspire® Consumer Insight Platform gives you a look inside the hearts and minds of consumers—so you can see the people behind the numbers.

Inspire Logo Blue.pngThe Inspire® Consumer Insight Platform provides inspiration through an empathetic connection to your consumer. This web application captures insights in the same ways consumers share their stories in real life: through photos, artwork, hashtags and words—adding dimension to standard exploratory survey data. Using our nationwide network of highly-engaged creative panelists—including our Creative Consumers® associates—we provide rich, thought-provoking stimulus that is organized in an intuitive interface to make it easy for you to explore and identify fresh opportunities.

Zoom out for the big picture, or take a closer look at an individual. Every image, theme and data point is linked together—so you can immerse yourself in a story, instead of getting lost in the numbers. Your project results yield opportunities to explore, build empathy for your target customer, and gets you excited to innovate.

Each Inspire® Consumer Insight Platform project includes unlimited access for as many team members as you wish—with all of your projects accessible through the client portal for as long as you need them.


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Inspire Consumer Insight Platform

How Else Can You Use The Inspire® Consumer Insight Platform?

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Consumer Prototyping

Survey consumers on packaging or ingredients — and have them explain the benefits in their own words. Consumers can also create and photograph their own prototypes.

Behavior Journaling

Track consumers' product usage, shopping habits, or any other behavior with answers and images from the moment of action.

Concept Reaction

Go beyond words and rating during concept testing to find out how your ideas are really being received by your consumers.

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